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“An accessory must be a timeless object of beauty to become your most precious possession”


IVV brings back the historical ritual of fashion dressing. With reminiscence of old school elegance, personal craftmanship and an eye for detail. IVV creates one of a kind, handmade hats and handbags that make a statement of your appearance.


Our accessories are timeless classics with a unique twist of design. The quilted lamb nappa is stitched in a unique way revealing a tactile surface and pattern. With matching designs in hats and bags IVV creates the option to combine and compose a complete look.


Each IVV accessory is unique and created from beginning to end by Dutch designer Irene van Vugt.


IVV hats & bags is the brand of Irene van Vugt, a Dutch designer with a specialization in 3D design. After graduating the School of the Arts in Utrecht in 1995, Irene has been working as an independent hat & bag designer and participates in numerous exhibitions and shows around Europe.


As a designer, Irene doesn’t start with a clear-cut idea. Often the process start with a atmosphere that she has in mind. Intrigued by the femininity and elegance from days long gone, she takes inspiration from 40’s and 50’s.

"This time has my interest because dressing was still a ritual and it was common to dress with such refinement and precision!"


She combines this with things that she sees around her and tries to implement the images that come to mind while working with the material.

"I like to see where the material takes me as inspiration comes from interacting with it. It is a spontaneous and intuitive way of researching, which helps me get surprising results."


This love of sculptural experimentation and craftsmanship creates the forms and structures that make an IVV design recognizable and ensure that the classic and elegant shapes still get a contemporary look.

Irene also gives a vocational training hat making in Utrecht. More information:

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