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The provided personal information will only be used for activating the account and
processing the order. The information will never be shared with third parties, unless they are
directly involved in the execution of the order.

Terms and Conditions

All content on this website, orders and agreements are subject to the terms and conditions
of IVV Hats and Bags unless written permission has been given to another agreement. Agreed deviations cannot derive any rights for future transactions. Accepting offers, placing orders and using our services means that you agree
with these terms and conditions.
IVV Hats and Bags´ webshop is made available to you in accordance with these Terms of Use
Service, and any other rules posted on our sites. Please read the terms and conditions
carefully before placing any orders on our sites.
If you are younger than 18 years, your parent or guardian must know about IVV Hats and
Bags´ Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before you register to use this site or any of
the site services.

Be aware that the Terms and Conditions can be modified from time to time. Please read
them carefully and check them regularly for the most recent version. When you do not agree
to changes in our Terms and Conditions, you must stop using our site immediately. Changes
made after you placed an order will not affect that order, unless we are required to make
this change by law.

Prices and costs

All prices that are presented on the webshop of IVV Hats and Bags are in Euros and all
include 21% VAT, with the exception of Germany which includes 19% VAT. Shipping within

The Netherlands is free. For all other countries, please consult the list of shipping costs per
country below. You will also find the costs of the return process per country. The packages
from certain countries will be shipped as DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid). As a recipient, you
need to be aware of the (extra) costs for all import duties, customs and local sales taxes
levied by the country you are shipping to; payment of these is necessary to release your
order from customs on arrival.

When you order more items at one time, the amount of shipping costs does not change.

Delivery and return costs

Country Delivery costs(€)   Return costs (€)
Austria € 2,95 € 7,95
Belgium € 3,95* € 4,95
Canada € 9,95 for own account
Czech Republic € 4,95 € 9,95
Denmark € 2,95 € 7,95
Finland € 4,95 € 9,95
France € 2,95 € 5,95
Germany € 3,95* € 4,95
Great Britain € 3,95* € 4,95
Greece € 4,95 € 9,95
Hungary € 4,95 € 9,95
Ireland € 4,95 € 9,95
Italy € 4,95 € 9,95
Luxembourg € 2,95 € 5,95
Norway € 9,95 for own account
Poland € 4,95 € 7,95
Portugal € 4,95 € 7,95
Rest of EU € 4,95 for own account
Romania € 4,95 for own account
Slovakia € 4,95 € 9,95
Slovenia € 4,95 for own account
Spain € 2,95 € 5,95
Sweden € 2,95 € 9,95
Switzerland € 4,95 for own account
United States of America   € 9,95 for own account
Any other country € 19,95 for own account

IVV Hats and Bags remains the right to make changes to data, prices, terms, notes and
conditions as long as the agreement has not yet been agreed to. IVV Hats and Bags is not
liable for typos.

Payment methods

The agreement is concluded when you accept the offer of our products or services and you
meet the requirements. As long as the accepting of your payment is not confirmed per
email, the customer can cancel the contract.

The owed amount can be fulfilled via cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, Diners, CUP,
JCB and Maestro. We take care that the transactions on this site are in a safe and secure
payment environment, by using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.
Postpay is not possible.

Eligibility to make a purchase

In order to make a purchase on the webshop of I IVV Hats and Bags , you will be required to
provide your personal details. You must provide your real name, phone number, email
address and other requested information as indicated. You will be required to provide your
valid payment details. You must confirm that you are the person referred to in the billing
information provided.

IVV Hats and Bags´ webshop is available only to individuals and others who meet IVV Hats
and Bags´ terms of eligibility, who have been issued a valid credit/debit card by a bank
acceptable to IVV Hats and Bags whose applications are acceptable to IVV Hats and Bags and
who have authorized IVV Hats and Bags to process a charge or charges on their credit/debit
card in the amount of the total purchase price for the merchandise which they purchase. IVV
Hats and Bags reserves the right to restrict multiple quantities of an item being shipped to
any one customer or postal address.

You confirm that the credit/debit card that is being used is yours or that you have been
specifically authorised by the owner of the credit/debit card to use for the payment. When
payments are made with credit cards, IVV Hats and Bags reserves the right to check the
card's validity, spending limit and verify your address details. If the issuer of your payment
card refuses to authorize payment to IVV Hats and Bags, we will not be liable for any delay or

Furthermore, you agree that we may use personal information provided by you in order to
conduct appropriate anti-fraud checks. Personal information that you provide may be
disclosed to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency, which may keep a record of that

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information about how we use your data.


Every liability of harm or damage, of any kind, directly or indirectly from IVV Hats and Bags
its staff and products are completely excluded. Nor is IVV Hats and Bags liable for any
damage created by a third party whilst fulfilling the agreement. IVV Hats and Bags is not
liable for any harm or damage that derives from the use of products from IVV Hats and Bags.
The liability of IVV Hats and Bags is always limited to the maximum spent amount of the
purchase of the corresponding article.

IVV Hats and Bags is not liable for misunderstandings, mutilations, delays or any other kind
of improper appearances of orders or statements as a consequence of the use of the
Internet or any other communication channels in the communication process between you
and IVV Hats and Bags or third parties that relate to the relationship between you and IVV
bags and hats- unless there has been bad intentions or gross negligence.

Force majeure

In a situation of force majeure, IVV Hats and Bags is suspended from her obligations. If the
odds occur and take longer than two months, both IVV Hats and Bags and you have the right
to terminate the agreement without any obligations to pay damages. We speak of force

majeure in case of strikes, disruptions, import or export bans, no matter if it occurs at IVV
Hats and Bags or her suppliers.

IVV Hats and Bags respects the privacy of all the users of her website and makes sure to
handle all personal information that you provide to us are handled confidential and with
care. Your personal data will be used for a correct completion of your order.
Next to processing your order, we will only use your data with your permission for marketing
purposes and to maintain the customer relationship. Your personal data will never be shared
with third parties, unless they are closely involved in the process of completing your order.

Applicable law
The Dutch law exclusively applies to the agreement between the seller and buyer
whereupon these general conditions/terms are related to.

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